Meet Our Team

Juli Smith, President

I am the President of The Smith Consulting Group. I started recruiting in 1986 for a large national search firm and came back into the industry in 2001 after spending the bulk of my career in outside sales and sales management. It was a natural progression to start my own firm in 2006. Since that time, The Smith Consulting Group has specialized in civil engineering and architecture. I love living in a small town in the Midwest with my husband, kids, and two nutty dogs.

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Kevin Smith

I lead our firm’s marketing and business development efforts.  I have spent 30 years of my career in different roles within commercial general contracting and the wireless tower construction business.  The experience and knowledge I gained throughout my construction career enables me to have a keen understanding of your hiring needs; I have been a hiring manager and I have been a candidate.  I am a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Construction Management. An avid runner and outdoorsman, I enjoy the four seasons of Michigan.

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Margaret Hess

I lead the research team for The Smith Consulting Group. I graduated from Spring Arbor University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship. When I am not researching, I am busy managing two home-based businesses and one unruly puppy. Originally from Northern Michigan, I feel most at home when hiking the Lake Michigan shoreline. I am passionate about cultivating community, pursuing creativity, & continued growth both professionally and personally.

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Brandi Wint

I am a Project Coordinator with The Smith Consulting Group, joining the team in the Spring of 2018. I am an Honors Graduate from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a focus on Marketing and Behavior. My prior experience in Operations and Staffing for the Manufacturing environment brings a well-rounded understanding of recruiting as well as the importance of hiring the right candidate. Outside of the office, I have a passion for woodworking and taking care of my two fur babies.

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I am the Smith Consulting Group Official Canine Greeter.  My job is to jump up and spread joy or at least get a good sniff of anyone who comes to see my owners.  I am in love with our mail lady. If you ever visit our office, please have cookies in your pocket for me like my girlfriend, the mail lady.  When I am not sleeping in my snuggle ball, I tend to roam about the office looking for scraps of cookies I might have missed from my girlfriend, the mail lady.  Sometimes, I sleep with my legs in the air just to mix it up a bit. I also work part time chasing squirrels in my back yard occasionally catching them and giving my owner a fright.