Thank a veteran if you see one….


We are fortunate to have a strong military that protects our borders and the way of life the pioneers dreamed of and for which they fought.  We are fortunate that when we hear a loud boom walking down the street, we most often think of a car backfiring, not a bomb.  With the election still fresh in our minds we are reminded just how  fortunate we are to have the ability to voice our political opinions in a safe and civilized forum without fear of repercussions or fear for our lives.  We are fortunate to freely choose to worship where we like and if we like.  We have the fortunate ability to freely go to a store and buy the goods our families need without fear.  We are Americans.   We are fortunate.  Thank a United States serviceman or woman.


Remembering all those who served and currently serve our country…

We salute and your families this Veteran’s Day



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